Monday, July 7, 2008

Tennis Anyone? SW Does Wimbledon

After class last Monday, the SW crew decided to take a trip to Wimbledon to catch some tennis. Since tennis is obviously a gentleman's sport, we donned our classiest Polo's, khakis, and plaid shorts and hopped on the tube. Once there we made our way to the queue (the line) and collected our Queue Cards which essentially held our spot in line so that we could partake on other adventures. The crew was hungry, and since Wimbledon is a classy place, we decided to act on our best behavior. After venturing off the grounds, we found a fried chicken restaurant and a store that served British Ales. Thus, we grabbed some chicken and ales and had a proper picnic while waiting to get onto the Wimbledon grounds.

After an hour or so we were permitted to enter the sacred Wimbledon grounds. Like typical tourists, we took pictures in front of anything that said "Wimbledon" or "Tennis" and proceeded to the gift shop to contribute to the UK's GDP. We eventually made it to the resale line which is where Wimbledon resells tickets of guests that have left. After waiting in this line for about 30 mins, we scored tickets to see Safin play Wawrinka. The 9 of us split up into groups of 4, 3, and 2 and had great seats. Now, I personally have never found tennis to be an interesting sport, but I can honestly say that my opinion has changed after this whole experience.
Here are some pics...MDM

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