Friday, July 18, 2008

Anyone Hungry?

With it being summer, I have many friends traveling to Europe—more specifically, to London. Once people find that I am studying overseas in London, one of the first questions is, “How’s the food?” Many people are shocked when I say that the food here is good. For some reason, people have an idea in their head that the food in London is not good. This is simply not true. It seems that every day we find a new place that we would like to eat at in London. As the program comes closer to the end, it seems less and less probable that we will be able to eat at many of these places, but I can still recommend several restaurants to eat while in London.

Let me begin by saying that I do not know if I have a favorite restaurant in the city. Since there is no kitchen in the house, almost all of us find ourselves going out to dinner every night, and it is usually to a different restaurant. However, lunch tends to always be Pret. It is a sandwich shop. Pret is cheap, good, and on almost every corner.

Dinner is a little more complicated than lunch. For pizza, the best place that we found is DaMario’s in South Kensington. This was a favorite pizzeria of Princess Diana, and is the closest to authentic Italian pizza that I have found since being in London. The pizza goes great with a nice bottle of red wine. For Asian food, we frequently go to Wagamama’s. It is a chain here, but you cannot tell by the food. The restaurant tends to dwell on how it is more health conscious than other restaurants in the city, and because of that, features a large range of health conscious fruit drinks. The drinks go great with the chicken curry and fried rice.

Sometime the group wants a more casual place to grab a drink and have a bite to eat. That is when we go to All Bar One. It is another chain that is all around London. The sangria there is great, and you cannot go wrong with the tapas or a burger. Another casual dining place that we frequent is Hummus Brothers: a restaurant whose primary dish is hummus. How a restaurant found a way to make hummus a meal is well beyond me. However, the food is great and cheap.

Of course my food commentary could not be complete without noting at least one dessert place. Well, I have not been able to find one yet, but as soon as I do I will be sure to include it in a blog entry. Until then, CHEERS.

Chad Martin

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Mar said...

i read this and thought "wow garren goes to all the same places that we do" and then saw that you wrote it.

you forgot ben's cookies which i have been eating for the last 3 days.